三嶽伊紗 MITAKE Isa

左手前:《イロ / 2019_01》2019年 色、言葉、アクリル樹脂、木 73.0×200.0×100.0 cm 
神奈川県立近代美術館 葉山 2019年 撮影:山本糾
front left : iro/2019_01 2019 Colour, words, acrylic resin and wood 73.0×200.0x100.0 cm 
Beyond the Visible, The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama,  2019   Photo by YAMAMOTO Tadasu



1956年 高知県高知市生まれ。滋賀県大津市に在住、活動。


「ここと思えば、三脚を立てカメラを3分ほど開く、それを何度も繰り返す。62分のテープが終わる頃、身体は芯から冷え、帰りたくなる。〈略〉家に帰り、コンピュータ上に [雪の風景] を重ねる。幾重にも重ねた[風景]は、まるで眠りの中のようだ。時間軸の中にみているのでなく、ただ降る[雪]があるだけだ」

「三嶽伊紗のしごと_みているもののむこう」展テキストより抜粋 2014年  徳島県立近代美術館 学芸員 吉原美惠子



Born in Kochi, Japan, 1956.  Lives and works in Otsu, Shiga, Japan.


Mitake’s objects are full of scientific quest. She walks and looks around familiar nature with deeply modest, clever eyes. Then she tries to show the providence and the law of nature in her art. So her works lead to the achievements of numerous mathematicians, physicists and ancestors who made providence of nature clearly. When we see things, we use not only our physical eyes but our sense of mind and whole body. And we conscious the experiences and knowledges in our own. The works create the complex, poetic space, and make visitors to feel facing the stage of contemporary theater.

Perhaps her important job as an artist is to show the world beyond sight. Based on an exploration of nature, she will not only find out hidden signs in landscape, but also feel a contemporary, romantic atmosphere. When her objects disappear and we only see the images in the space, the layered images suggest the long lapse of time and invite visitors into the dream or Hades in the other side of realities. The space is so romantic and someone said those works are just like moving Japanese ink painting.

Mitake wrote:I set tripod and the camera on the selected spot, shooted for about 3 minutes and repeated it over and over again. By the end of magnetic tape that can be recorded for 62 minutes, my body was completely cold and I sincerely wanted to go home. …… At home, I overlaid of snow on my computer.The layers of landscape are just like landscape in dream. There is no time axis, and I see only falling snow on the screen.

As the artist’s studio is located west of Lake Biwa, the foot of Hiei Mountain, she could find out many natural stories and materials for her works from the neighborhood.

She recorded actual views at various places and time and after coming back to her studio she edited the records. She layered the real view over and over and created her dream scene.

When we stand in front of her video installation work, we fell to lose a ordinary sense of time and space. We see only the real elements but they seemed not to belong the real world of our side. Or some people felt that the sight in her video installation appeared with interlocking time. We only see the images, pictures of light, expressions without specific mass. So we realized to see again, inside of us and tried to know the sight beyond sight. The world beyond the world of human knowledge may touch the real world of us. 

excerpt from  Isa Mitake works _ beyond sight (exhibition catalogue),  2014 , YOSHIHARA Mieko, curator,The Tokushima Modern Art Museum


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左:《クロイ鳥・シロイ夜 / 2019_01》 2019年 シングル・ビデオ・プロジェクション、サイレント、14分55秒
右:《クロイ鳥・シロイ夜 / 2019_02》 2019年 シングル・ビデオ・プロジェクション、サイレント、14分30秒    「みえるもののむこう」展展示風景 神奈川県立近代美術館 葉山 2019年 撮影:山本糾

left : black bird – white nights / 2019_01 2019  Single video projection, silent, 14’55”
right : black bird – white nights / 2019_02 2019  Single video projection, silent, 14’30”
Beyond the Visible, The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama,  2019   Photo by YAMAMOTO Tadasu



左:《雪 2010-01/微分する眼》 2010-2014年 シングル・ビデオ・プロジェクション、サイレント、15分43秒
右:《カーテンの向こう》 2010-2014年 EVA系シート、液晶ディスプレイ、メディアプレイヤー、サイレント、
「三嶽伊紗のしごと / みているもののむこう」展 展示風景 徳島県立近代美術館   2014年 撮影:米津光

left:snow 2010-01 / eyes differentiating 2010 – 2014 Single video projection, silent, 15’43”
right:beyond the curtain 2010 – 2014 EVA sheet, liquid crystal display, media player, silent, 15’43”
Isa Mitake works / Beyond sight, The Tokushima Modern Art Museum  2014  Photo by YONEZU Akira 




左:《イロ / 2019_02》 2019年 色、アクリル樹脂 展示サイズ 3.0×323.0×174.0
右:《月の壁 / 2019》 2019年 影、アルミニウム、ステンレス鋼、木 サイズ可変
「みえるもののむこう」展展示風景 神奈川県立近代美術館 葉山 2019年 撮影:山本糾

left : iro / 2019_02 2019 Colour and acrylic resin Display: 3.0×323.0x174.0
right : lunar wall / 2019 2019 Light/ shadow, aluminum, stainless steel, and wood Dimensions variable
Beyond the Visible, The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama,  2019   Photo by YAMAMOTO Tadasu