Independent Performance Artists’ Moving Images Archive (IPAMIA)


Independent Performance Artists’ Moving Images Archive (IPAMIA)



Independent Performance Artists’ Moving Images Archive (IPAMIA) is a collective and its archive of digital moving image documentation of performance art. Its collection contains not only videos/films but also the digitized texts and printed matter offered by artists being in and from various regions. The main focus is the performance art presented in and after around 1990.

IPAMIA was founded in 2016 and has held events since 2017 to introduce its achievement to the public, where now totally 8 members are engaged in the team process with their skills and expertise. The aim is sustainable distribution and share of knowledge to society through both online public access to the archival data and research in the related field. IPAMIA appreciates cooperation with other archives and organizations for networking as well as future plans including the possibility of donating and transferring its collection.


メンバー Members

山岡さ希子 YAMAOKA Sakiko

金子望美 KANEKO Nozomi

宮川緑 MIYAKAWA Midori

北山聖子 KITAYAMA Seiko

井出竜郎 IDE Tatsuro



Please refer to the collective’s website for new updates.


Event 8 トークイベント「インディペンデントのアートアーカイブの意味」
プレゼンテーター:宮川緑、狩野愛( IPAMIAメンバー)
2019年6月2日 慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス
Talk event “Introduction of Independent Art Archives in the world”,Taking part with “Cultural Typhoon 2019”,
Presenters: MIYAKAWA Midori, KANO Ai,
Guests: MORISHITA Takashi (Keio University Art Center Hijikata Tatsumi Archive), NAGANUMA Hiromasa (Photographer), LEE Satoko (Artist)
2nd June 2019, Keio University Mita Campus

Event 9 トークイベント「南米のパフォーマンスアートの活動報告」
2020年2月9日(日) カフェ・ラバンデリアにて(東京都新宿区)
Talk event “Report of performance art in South America”,
Guests : HAMADA Miri (Artist), TAKEYA Daisuke (Artist),
9th Feburuary 2020 , Café Lavanderia (Shinjuku, Tokyo)