ハ・チャヨン HA Cha Youn

《リターン・ホーム – 地中海の犠牲者たちの思い出に》2019年 パフォーマンス・ヴィデオ 4分3秒(カラー/音声、16:9)
“Return Home“ – in memory of victims in Mediterranean Sea, 2019, Performance video, 4min.03sec. (color, sound,16:9)



HA Cha Youn



ハ・チャヨン「Sweet Home」展に寄せて

「Sweet Home」展の中で、ハ・チャヨンはグローバリゼーションの問題や諸相(文化的アイデンティティ、ホームレス状態の増加、さらに「持てる者」と「持たざる者」との間の緊張関係)を提示する。彼女はしばしば、何年にもわたってリサーチを行い、映像や写真、インスタレーション作品の中でその成果を記録する。この作業には強い切迫感が伴っていて、社会学的な哀調はない。

私たちがハ・チャヨンを展覧会に招待することになったのは、家という場所で人がもつ既存の権利としての「Sweet Home」というテーマに対する、彼女の敏感で厳密に芸術的な表現に説得力があったからだ。


グードルン・ティッセン=シュナイダー(ドイツ、ノイエンハウス、クンストフェライン・グラーフシャフト・ベントハイム館長)、  2011年5月 (和訳:宮川緑)



Born in 1960, Masan, Korea. 
Move to France in 1983 for studying until 1988, studying and living in Germany from 1988 to 2002. Since then, living in Paris, France.


To the exhibition of HA Cha Youn “Sweet Home“

In the exhibition Sweet Home, Ha Cha Youn addresses the problems and faces of globalization: cultural identity, increasing homelessness, as well as tensions between the “haves” and “have-nots”. She often conducts her research for years before recording the findings in films, photographs, and installations. This takes place with a forceful urgency and without sociological pathos.
Due to recent world events, the exhibition has taken on an additional dimension. In the protective space of the White Cube, the artist has created a scenario, the reality of which seems to be spreading to more places on this earth. Even as this exhibition takes place, countless numbers of people have been made homeless, not only in Japan and Africa. Environmental catastrophes, technical failures, political overthrows, and wars are the causes, and for many people, the only thing they have left is the “bag they hold in their hand”.

But how do those of us react to this, who still have our “home and health” ?
To enable us tothink all of this through, the artist has, in addition, established a “Room for Thought” at the Kunstverein, which in keeping with Eastern tradition, is meant to incite us to pause and contemplate things we have not yet seen or which will always remain unseen.
It is her sensitive and strictly artistic treatment of the theme “Sweet Home“, mankind’s vested right in a place called home, which convinced us to invite Ha Cha Youn.

Artists expose ways of looking at the world, revealing to us their relationship to the world. To accomplish this, Ha Cha Youn’s prefers using the tools of the readymade, video film, photograph, installation, and performance. To each, she attributes contents: She uses film for long-term studies or staged events, photography for documentation, and installation for the plastic realization of a vision.

 Gudrun Thiessen-Schneider, Director of Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentreim in Neuenhaus, Germany, May 2011


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《ホーム(ズ)・プロジェクト》展示風景  2019年  レシツェル・アート・センター、ザレシェ・グルネ、ポーランド
左:《リターン・ホーム》2019年 プラスチック・バッグ、木枠とガラスの額縁 210×444 cm
右:《リターン・ホーム》2019年 ヴィデオ 4分03秒
Installation view, Home(s) project, 2019, Leścer Art Center, Zalesie Górne, Poland

Left:Return Home, 2019, Plastic bags in wooden/glass frame, 210×444 cm
Right:Return Home, 2019, Video, 4min.03sec. 



《ひな鳥 – ジョッパン・プロジェクト》展示風景 2013年 コーナー・アート・スペース、ソウル、韓国
インスタレーション ポスター ヴィデオ ほか   
Installation view of Nestling – Jjockbang project, 2013, Corner Art space, Seoul, Korea

Installation, Poster, Videos, Various objects.

* ジョッパン: 主に都会の貧困層が住む「極狭の部屋」



《到着-出発》2009年 ポワチエ、フランス インスタレーション ミクストメディア
Arrival-Departur, 2009, Poitiers, France, Installation in situ, various materials