アラフマヤーニ Arahmaiani

《不用心に取り扱うこと》1996/2019年 パフォーマンス 

Handle Without Care, 1996/2019, Performance, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia (APT 2)





作家のステートメント                                                                  アラフマヤーニ






Born in Bandung, Indonesia, 1961.  Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Artist’s Statement                     Arahmaiani

We are facing a life crisis situation with the emergence of the corona pandemic which basically arises because of irresponsible human behavior that damage the environment. This situation is not only worrying but on the other hand will also give people the opportunity to realize their mistakes and change them. Yes this situation will encourage humans to be more creative and change their ways of thinking, attitudes and lifestyle. If humans want to survive on this planet and save future generations from destruction, then humans must realize their mistakes and change them. Modern lifestyle that is individualistic and selfish is no longer in accordance with the demands of the times. Now is the time for humans to help and share with one another to save lives – providing a comfortable and safe living space for future generations. A profit-oriented economic system that benefits only a handful of people – must now be changed into a system that will prosper all the inhabitants of the earth! And protecting the environment where we will live side by side in harmony with nature.

Talking about art and culture – in the ancient practices of indigenous peoples, their culture and art are basically respectful and in harmony with nature. Also in the practice of women’s lives that are naturally given the task of caring, women have a different awareness than men in managing this life. So now is the time for us to study ancient knowledge and listen more to the voices of women’s groups. Give more space for them to voice their opinions. The same is true with art – we should explore the possibilities so that it can function humanly and proportionally. Not only used to express ego and greed, and it becomes merely a commodity and a source of profit. As a flexible creative media, art can also function to express communal voices other than individual. Art can also raise various issues and topics, in addition to talking about aesthetic issues. So that art can be a medium for change that stimulates new awareness, and humans can find creative alternative solutions to the problems they face.The meaning of art and also its practice should not only be limited to the expression of works that are visual & physical but widened towards philosophy, science and spirituality. And its activities are not limited to studios and galleries or museums, but to explore the real world and ordinary everyday life.



Please refer to the website of the video of the Performance by Arahmaiani. 

December 2018, The Past has not Passed, Performance at the Museum MACAN, Jakarta, Indonesia

January 2019, Manifesto of the Sceptic, Performative Reading at ACAW (Asia Contemporary Art Week) 2018-2019 

January 2019, Breaking Words, Closing Performance at ACAW (Asia Contemporary Art Week) 2018-2019


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《売却中の国》1996/2018年 インスタレーション 

Nation For Sale, 1996/2018, Installation, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia (APT 2)



《精神の豊かさを邪魔するな》1997/2018年 バンコク、タイ/マチャン美術館 ジャカルタ、インドネシア
Do Not Prevent the Fertility of the Mind, 1997/2018, Bangkok, Thailand & Macan Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia



《旗プロジェクト》2007-2020年 現在進行中のプロジェクト  ボロブドゥール寺院、ジャワ島中部、インドネシア
Flag Project, 2007-2020, An ongoing project, Borobudur Temple, Central Java, Indonesia



《過去の影》2013-2018年 現在進行中のプロジェクト ラブ修道院、カンプ地方、チベット自治区
Shadow of the Past, 2013-2018, An ongoing project, Lab Monastery, Khamp area of Tibet



《自然の記憶》2013-2020年 現在進行中のプロジェクト アート・ステージ、シンガポール
Memory of Nature, 2013-2020, An ongoing project, Art Stage, Singapore